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Bitahai Lake

Bitahai Lake in Zhongdian Shangri-La
Bitahai Lake in Zhongdian Shangri-La
Bitahai Lake

Bita means "a piece of land as soft as cattle hair felt" in Tibet language, "Hai" means "sea". Roads have been constructed to this scenic area. The total area of the "sea" is 3,000 meters in length, the maximum width of the lake is over 700 meters. The altitude of the lake is 3,540 meters forming up by gathering the water streaming down from the surrounding mountains.

One of the two distinctive biological characters of the lake is the 50 - centimeter - thick grass coverings on the surface of the lake, creating a world of floating hydrophyte. The other is the scene happening every late spring and early summer. When the azalea on the surrounding mountains are in full bloom, the fish in the water are always found lethargic sleep on the surface of the lake for swallowing some lightly - poisonous petals falling off the azalea. The local people call this wonder as "Fish Drunk by Azalea".

In the primeval forest on the north bank of the lake, many cabins are built there for the convenience of the tourists. Activities like horse riding, trekking and boating are available at the customer's will.

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