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Home >> China City Guide >> Gansu Province >> Zhangye >> Wooden Tower tourist guide

Zhangye Wooden Tower

Wooden Tower, China ZhangyeJust a few hundred meters north of the Zhangye Hotel looms the 31-metre-tall Wooden Tower. It is unknown in exactly which year the pagoda was erected, but people generally believe it was during the Northern Zhou Dynasty (557-581 AD). After this it underwent renovations in the Sui (581-618 AD), the Tang (618-907 AD), the Ming (1368-1644 AD) and the Qing (1644-1911 AD) Dynasties. The Muta is considered to be the one most harmonious pagodas in China, incorporating as it does careful carpentry, exquisite blacksmith work and delicate painting.

The existing 32.8m-tall pagoda, rebuilt in 1926, is a nine-storey octagonal construction. On each storey, there are eight wood carved dragon heads, bead in mouth and bell below neck. The entire structure is made of wood, with the inner walls paved by hollow bricks for strength. What makes the pagoda so special is that the fact that there is not a nail or rivet within. From the top storey of the pagoda, you'll get a bird's view of the whole city. Nowadays the pagoda, apart from having historically important architecture, also serves as a museum displaying the town folk's customs.

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