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Time Zone

With a 60-degree longitudinal span, the territory of China covers five eastern(5th-9th) time zoning practice. For convenience's sake, the time throughout China is set to Beijing time, which is eight hours ahead of GMT/UTC. When it's noon in Beijing it's also noon in far-off Lhasa, Urumqi and all other parts of the country.

When it's noon in Beijing the time in other cities around the world is:

Time Cities
12:00 Hong Kong, Manila, Perth
13:00 Tokyo, Seoul
14:00 Sydney, Guam
16:00 Auckland, Fiji
18:00 Hawaii, Anchorage
20:00 Los Angeles, Vancouver
21:00 Denver
23:00 New York, Montreal, Lima
24:00 Halifax, Buenos Aires
1:00 Rio de Janeiro
4:00 London, Lisbon
5:00 Berlin, Paris, Warsaw, Rome
6:00 Cairo, Cape Town, Istanbul
7:00 Moscow, Nairobi, Baghdad
9:00 Bombay, Karachi
11:00 Singapore, Bangkok


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