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Postal Services

Sending Mail

Mailing service is available in urban post offices and some hotels. When mailing a letter in China, make sure to use a standard envelope, fill in the postal code, and attach enough stamps.

Express mail service(EMS) is available in most post offices and express mail companies. The business centers of major hotels offer telefax and telegraph services.

The international postal service is efficient, and airmail letters and postcards will probably take around five to 10 days to reach their destinations. Write the address clearly and if possible, write the country of destination in Chinese for faster delivery. Domestic post is swift - perhaps one or two days from Guangzhou to Beijing. Intra-city it may be delivered the same day it's sent.

Sending Parcel Abroad
If you are sending items abroad, take them unpacked with you to the post office to be inspected and an appropriate box/ envelope found for you. Most post offices offer materials (for which you'll be charged) for packaging, including padded envelopes, boxes and heavy brown paper.

Customs inspections will retain anything suspected of being pirated and you will have to complete a customs declaration form.

Once the box is sealed, you then go to pay for the postage. Hang onto your receipt (the one for the postage of the item), as it could be useful for chasing misdirected goods, should this happen.

Postal Rates
Postage for domestic letters up to 20g is £¤O.80. EMS Domestic Express Mail Service (EMS) parcels up to 200g cost £¤15; each additional 200g costs Y5. For international EMS, the charges vary according to country. Aerograms are available at post offices. There are discounts for printed matter and small packets. Maximum weight is 30kg.

Private Carriers

There are a number of foreign private couriers in China that offer international express posting of documents and parcels. None of these private carriers is cheap, but they're fast and secure. In major cities these companies have a pick-up service as well as drop-off centers, so call their offices for the latest details. The major players in this market are United Parcel Service, DHL, Federal Express and TNT Skypak.

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