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Hotels in China are rated according to established international star-rating standards. By the end of 1997, there were 2,724 star-rated hotels in the country, including 57 five-star hotels, 157 four-star hotels, 895 three-star hotels, 1,339 two-star hotels and 276 one-star hotels. In other words, more than half of China's hotels open to foreigners have been star-rated.

These tourist hotels, star-rated ones in particular, bear the brunt of the flow of foreign visitors to China, providing them with food, lodging and many other services according to international standards.


A hotel rated with three or more stars has the following:

  • The rooms are cozily appointed and furnished, and the toilets are equipped with 110/220-volt electricity sockets and provide hot water 24 fours a day.
  • Each guest room is equipped with an air-conditioner or central air-conditioning that is good enough to keep room temperature at a comfortable level.
  • A telephone is installed in each room to allow the guest to make domestic or international long-distance calls through the operator.
  • There are both a color TV set and a stereo system in each room.
  • There are effective soundproof facilities, as well as curtains that can block the sunlight.
  • Stationery appropriate to the rating of the hotel is available in every guest room.

Services & Facilities

The following facilities and services are available in hotels rated with three or more stars:

Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant, caf¨¦, banquet hall, ball room, massage parlour, store, beauty parlour, meeting hall, commercial center, gym, florist's shop, clinic, parking lot, bookstore, credit-handling and foreign exchange conversion center, DDD and IDD telephone services, room service, child care, facilities for the disabled, karaoke hall, KTV room, chess and card playing room, billiards room, and ping-pong room.

Some four-star or five-star hotels are also equipped with swimming pools, bowling alleys, tennis courts, squash courts, golf courses, saunas, safety-deposit boxes, as well as facilities for fishing, boating, horseback riding, hunting, sharp shooting and other sports.

The policy at every hotel in China is that you check out by noon to avoid being charged extra. If you check out between noon and 6pm there is a charge of 50% of the room price - after 6pm you have to pay for another full night.

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