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Home >> China City Guide >> Tianjin >> Dule Temple

Dule Temple

Dule Temple
Dule Temple, Tianjin

The plaque hanging above the gate to Dule Temple is written by Yansong of the Ming Dynasty, but the temple gate is in the strong style of the Liao Period. Once inside the gate of temple , you will arrive at Kwan-yin Hall, which is 23 meters high. Inside the hall there is a 16 meter-tall clay statue of Kwan-yin. On the top of the statue there is a ten-sided Buddha, and so the Kwan-yin statue is also called the 11-sided Bodhisattva. At the side of Kwan-yin statue there is a Xieshi Bodhisattva, which is a colorfully-painted precious work from the Liao Period. On the surrounding walls there are 16 Arhat paintings and picture of a three-headed six-armed Ming King, which were painted by artists from the Ming Dynasty.

To the north of Kwan-yin Hall, here is a pavilion dedicated to Wei Duo, the Guarding God of Buddhism. Inside of the pavilion, there is a statue of Wei Duo, putting his palms together and holding a golden pestle, in a strict and respectful pose.

There is an Obligation Repaying Yard, Qianlong Xanadu inside Dule Temple Scenery Area. Inside the Obligation Repaying Yard, Buddha, together with 4 famous Chinese historical figures (Hanshan, Puhua, Fengbo and Daoji), is worshipped.

Qianlong was an emperor of Qing Dynasty. A "Xanadu" is a scenic retreat for emperors. Qianlong Xanadu was built du from various emperors, officials and celebrities from ancient China. Besides the Dule Temple plaque written by Yansong, Kwan-yin Hall"s Plaque was written by Li Po, while the plaque at the Obligation Repaying Yard was written by Xianfeng, another emperor from the Qing Dynasty. Emperor Qianlong left a lot of imperial engraving steles inside Qianlong Xanadu.

Ring the eighteen years of Qianlong's reign, and is also called Dule Temple Xanadu. Inside Dule Temple, there are lots of examples of handwriting.

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