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Sichuan Tour

Sichuan tour

People often refer to Sichuan as "the heaven-endowed land" (or "the Land of Abundance") because of the rich natural resources and beautiful scenery.. The terrain of Sichuan Province varies in elevation, sloping from west to east and is divided into two sections - Western Plateau of Sichuan and the Sichuan Basin. The western plateau is one of the combinative sections of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with an average altitude of more than 4,000 metres. Low hillocks and plains dominate the Sichuan Basin. Rivers in the province mainly include the Yangtze River and its tributaries. The basin in east Sichuan belongs to subtropical and humid monsoon climate and the western part belongs to subtropical and plateau climate.

With favoured natural conditions, Sichuan Province has a well-developed agriculture and is China's famous agricultural zone for commercial products. Crops are of a great variety and high output. Economic agricultural produce is famous for the great variety of species, mainly including oilseeds, cotton, peanuts, sesame and sugar cane. Among the fruits, orange yields the highest output. The province owns a relatively complete industrial system, such as iron and steel, coal, electronics, petrochemical, electric power, machinery, construction materials, paper, industry, food, and brewery. The province boasts a rich reserve of natural gas and is the most important natural gas industrial base in China. The iron reserve accounts for 13 per cent of China's total reserve and ranks the second biggest in China. Besides, The province has lots of animals and plants. Examples of them are the species of birds and animals account for half of China's total. The province is the home to the national treasure - the Giant Panda.

The province boasts a lot of mountains, rivers and historic relics. UNESCO inscribed Jiuzhaigou, Yellow Dragon scenic area, Mount Emei with the Leshan's Giant Buddha, and Mount Qingcheng-Dujiangyan Irrigation Project on the World Heritage List in 1992,1996 and 2000 respectively.
The province has 42 institutes of higher learning, hundreds of scientific and research institutions and 1.1 million scientific and technological professionals. Sichuan has abundant tourism resources. More than 850 pandas (about 85 percent of the world's rare giant pandas) inhabit in the province. The province has eight national scenic areas and 40 national nature reserves.

The Yangtze River (6,300 kilometres) - the world's third longest river flows through the province from west to east. The Xichang Satellite Launch Centre is located there.

China Great Travel offers the travelers the various Sichuan tours, including Chengdu day trip, Chengdu surrounding tour, Panda tour, Leshan Giant Buddha tour, Mt. Emei tour, Jiuzhai Valley tour and more Chengdu tour packages. If our ready-made Chengdu tours cannot meet your requirements, our Chengdu tour expert will customize a trip 100% suit your interest.

Sichuan Travel Attractions
Daocheng Yading
Daocheng Yading


Sichuan Chengdu Tours

Sichuan_01: 3 Days Chengdu Tour Package

Sichuan_02: 5-Day Chengdu Tour To Panda Research Base, Leshan, Mt. Emei

Sichuan_03: 6 Days China Chengdu Tour To Jiuzhaigou And Huanglong

Sichuan_04: 6-Day Sichuan Panorama Tour: Chengdu Panda Base, Leshan Buddha, Mt. Emeishan, Zigong Dinosaur Museum, Dazu Grottos, Chongqing

Chengdu_01: 1 Day Private Chengdu City Sightseeing Tour With Panda Breeding Base

Chengdu_02: 1 Day Private Chengdu Tour To Bifengxia Panda Base

Chengdu_03: Chengdu Full-Day Tour: Panda Breeding Center And Sanxingdui Museum

Chengdu_04: Half-Day Chengdu Panda Breeding Center Tour With Optional Baby Panda Holding

YNT_16: 12 Days China Travel To Sichuan And Yunnan Province: Chengdu, Yading, Daocheng, Shangri-la, Lijiang And Kunming



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