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Hainan Province

Hainan Province

Hainan Province is situated at the southernmost part of China.
34,000 sq km
Hainan Island has monsoon tropical climate with annual average temperature 22¡ãc-26¡ãc and annual rainfall 1500-2000mm. More than 300 days of a year are sunny days. Hainan is a good place for escaping cold, relieving summer heat, having holidays and traveling due to above-mentioned climate.
provincial capital:
7.87 millions (March 2001)
Ethnic groups:
Han nationality--totaling 84.1 percent of the population--and the rest are the Li, Miao, Hui and other minority nationalities. The Li nationality has a population of 980,400 people, and the Miao, 45,600.
Major Cities:
Tropical high¨Cyielding agriculture of a new kind has risen abruptly and keeps on developing and extending from region to base and towards being industrialized, which has given an impetus to tropical tourist agriculture, ecological agriculture and hi¨Ctech agriculture. A significant base of China has taken its root or is taking shape in Hainan, where cultivations will be centralized such as natural rubber, seed breeding, vegetables and melons growing in winter, tropical fruits, tropical flowers and plants, and marine aquiculture. The base has brought about a great deal of famous farm produce of high quality, and begun its transformation from the superiority of farm produce to that of farm cash crops and to their processing industry. As a result, the status as China's agricultural base in Hainan has been reinforced.
Focusing attention on market demand and intensifying both application of new technology and exploitation of superior resources, all these measures have resulted in renovation of traditional industry and rapid growth of newly¨Cdeveloped industry. At present, an industrial complex is beginning to take shape with mainstay of natural gas, chemicals, building materials, beverage, food stuff, medicinal, chemical fibers, textiles, machinery, electronics, metallurgy, information, etc..
Home to few of the most bedazzling views in the world, Tibet has become one of the most visited destinations. This is a virtual paradise for all tourists and more so for adventurer enthusiast and dare devils. It is just a perfect zone to hone your skills and physical fitness by engaging in demanding adventure sports. The Thrill of trekking in Tibet also doubles up as treks leads to some of the mountain tops dotted with stunning Buddhist temples and monasteries.
Yunnan is an important border province of southwestern in China, it borders Burma, Vietnam, and Laos. Yunnan has an average altitude of 2,000 meters and a temperate tropical plateau monsoon climate. It boasts imposing natural scenery, such as snowcapped mountains, glaciers, lakes, hot springs, plateaus, virgin forests, and tropical rainforests. In addition, it abounds in biological resources and enjoys such good reputations as the Kingdoms of Plants and the Realm of Animals, which has greatly benefited in the development of ecological tourism.
Guilin is regarded in China as the country's most picturesque city. Two crystal-clear rivers meander through the city, which is encircled by mountains with unusual & bizarre rock formations and caves.

Two crustal movements of the earth took place about 200 and 180 million years ago thrusting the limestone sediments out of the sea bottom. They were forced upwards more than 200 meters to the surface. This karst formation was moulded through many years of erosion by the wind and rain to became the hills and rocks with unusual shapes . There are many complete karst (Limestone sites), which are of high scientific value and tourist value.

Guilin is in subtropical and monsoon zone with warm and moist climate.The altitude is 140-160 meters. All this makes Guilin a unique natural experience for the visitor.

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