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Home >> Criterion Of China's Six Most Beautiful Country Towns And Villages
China's Six Most Beautiful Country Towns And Villages

* Impressed geographical characteristics, long history heritage, unique characteristics;
* Beautiful natural landscape, comfortable and pleasant;
* Clear pattern of towns and villages, beautiful buildings and good preservation;
* Residents maintain the good traditional and cultural practices;
* No excessive commercial exploitation, based on the cultural patterns while maintaining localized.


Dayan Town

Dayan Town Lijiang City is surrounded by Lion Mountain in the west and by Elephant and Golden Row Mountains in the north. These mountains in the northwest shelter it from the cold wind. In the southeast, there are fertile fields, which are dozens of kilometers long. The city is favored with plentiful sunlight, an east wind and clear spring water, which flows in three streams and reaches every family.


Wuyuan Village

Wuyuan Village stands against beautiful mountains and has a river running through it. It also has hundreds of ancient houses dating from the Ming (1368¨C1644) and Qing dynasties (1644¨C1911), well laid out and displaying simple architectural elegance. These ancient Ming and Qing houses are typical of Anhui architectural tradition.


Zhaoxing Dong Nationality Village

Zhaoxing Dong Nationality Village is one of the largest Dong villages in southeast Guizhou. Known as No 1 Dong Village in Liping, Zhaoxing has an area of 180,000 square meters, the over 800 households and more than 4,000 inhabitants. It lies in a basin surrounded by mountains and has one small river passing through.


Tuwa Villages at Kanas Lake

This frigid highland valley lake, nestling at the foot of the Youyi (Friendship) Peak of the Altay Mountains, is actually the widest section of the Kanas River, a tributary of the Erix River. The Erix originates in the Erix glacier, winds its way through the mountains becoming slow and gentle once it flows into this narrow strip of lowland.



This place, in the heart of the Ailao Mountains, is called Dayangjie and is located in Honghe County, Yunnan Province. Its inhabitants are known as the Yeche, a branch of the Hani ethnic minority.


Rongchag Tibetan Village

Rongchag Tibetan Village is located in Garze Tibet Autonomous Prefecture in west of Sichuan Province. Five rivers merge here¨Cthe Greater and the Lesser Jinchuan, the Geshedra, the Donggu and the Dadu. The area is characterized by towering mountains.

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