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Home >> Criterion Of China's Six Most Beautiful Grasslands
Criterion Of China's Six Most Beautiful Grasslands

* Good quality of the grasslands, lush vegetation, seasonal distinctive elegance, and three-dimensional sense level, and the vast magnificent, as far as the eye could see;
* Rich biodiversity, leisurely sheep, or a special variety of landscapes, such as the bend;
* Pretty naturally by the lifestyle of herdsmen, rich ethnic customs, man and nature in harmony, and other important historical and cultural sites;
* Better preservation of the original ecosystem, appropriate use and inconspicuous grassland degradation, no ecological damage of invasive species.


Qilian Mountain Grassland

About 570 million years ago, tremendous changes took place in northwest China. When the sea subsided, the Qilian Mountain Grassland arose. "Qilian" is a term ancient nomadic Hun living in north China used to refer to the "heavenly mountain".


Nagqu (Nakchu)

Nagqu is the name of a river in northern Tibet. Originating on the southern slope of the Thanglha Mountains, the river runs through Amdo, Nagqu, Biru, Sog and Baqen counties, where the land is vast, and low hills are interspersed with valleys.


Western Sichuan Frigid Grassland

The Bumyak Grassland, with an altitude of 3,800-4,500 meters, is the largest in the central Shaluli Range in the Hengduan Mountains. The Sichuan-Tibet highway extends 100 kilometers along the north of the grassland.


Xilin Gol

Xilin Gol means "river on the plateau" in the Mongolian language. This grassland covers more than 200,000 square kilometers on the Mongolian Plateau.
To the east and north of Xilin Hot, the Ujimqin Grassland stretches far away. The terrain is flat, with numerous rivers and small lakes.


Ili Grassland

The Ili Grassland lies in a fold of the Tianshan Mountains, one of the largest mountain ranges in Asia. Surrounded by ridges on three sides, it is open on the west to humid currents of air. A vertical division of grassland belts has been formed ranging through frigid meadows, montane meadows, montane meadow steppe, montane steppe, montane desert steppe, plain desert and river valley meadows.


East Hulun Buir Grassland

This fertile land is adorned with hundreds of silver chains and numerous pearls. The rivers and lakes originating from the Greater Xing'an Mountain that ranges across eastern Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang Province. Rivers in Hulun Buir share one feature.

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