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Home >> China's Ten Most Beautiful Mountains
Criterion Of China's Ten Most Beautiful Mountains:

* With unique well-worth appreciating value;
* With the characteristics of that kind of geography shape and high scientific value;
* Above 1000 meters in relative height, featured in the number and characteristics of vertical severity;
* With high cultural values;
* No excessive exploitation by humankind.

1: Emei Mountain

Emei Mountain

Located in Sichuan Province, Emei Mountain's history has been recorded for over 2,000 years, during which time a rich Buddhist cultural heritage has accumulated. Atop the Golden Summit, which is 3,099 meters high, one can enjoy the sunrise, seas of clouds, the Buddha's halo and the sunset glow.


2: Mount Tai

Mount Tai

Mount Tai locates in the middle of Shandong province and covers Tai'an city and JiNan city with the area of 426 square kilometers, reaches 1545 meteres above sea level. Mount Taishan was called DaiZong(means the principal mountain of China) before and was renamed Mount Taishan then went by the name of DongYue(the Sacred Mountain of east China) that was ranked on the top of the five most important mountains in China. In 1987, Mount Taishan was listed as a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage site and honored ¡°Geopark of the world¡± in 2006.


3: Kangrinboqe Peak (Mt. Kailash)

Kangrinboqe Peak in Pulan County, Ali Region of Tibet Autonomous Region: Home of all the Gods The Gandise Mountain lies from east to west in the south of Tibet. Among its steep cliffs and glaciers is its main peak, Kangrinboqe, located in Pulan County, Ali Prefecture in Tibet.


4: Chogori Peak

Chogori Peak in Yecheng County, Kashgar (Kashi) Region OF Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region: Distant Mystic Land, Chogori Peak (8,611 meters) is a transliteration of the Tajik language, meaning ¡±high, great and magnificent.¡± Internationally, it is better known as K2, which is the only major mountain in the world that has surveyor's notation as its common name (K stands for Karakoram, 2 means it was the second peak listed)


5: Three Sacred Mountains in Daocheng

Three Sacred Mountains in Daocheng County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province: Landmark of ¡±Shangri-la¡±Daocheng is located at the southwestern edge of Sichuan Province. Its ancient name is ¡±Daoba¡±, a Tiberan word meaning a wide stretch of open land at the mouth of a mountain gully


6: Yellow Mountain

Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan), also known as Mount Huangshan, is located in the southern part of Anhui Province. It is undoubtedly China's most celebrated mountain for all its grandeur and beauty. In 1990 Yellow Mountain was declared a World Natural and Cultural Heritage by UNESCO Heritage Committee.

7: Meili Snow Mountain

Meili Snow Mountain has long been famous for its main peak, Kang Karpo Peak, which, having an elevation of 6,470 meters (21,221 feet) above sea level, is the highest in Yunnan. Surrounded by 13 lesser peaks, which are the subject of an enchanting tale. Kang Karpo Peak, meaning White Snow Mountain in Tibetan language, is extolled as the ¡°most beautiful mountain in the world.¡±

8: Qomolangma Peak

Qomolangma Peak also known as Mount Everest, meaning ¡°Mother Goddess of the Universe¡± in Tibetan, is in Tingri County, Shigatse Area of Tibet Autonomous.
Qomolangma Peak, at the altitude of 8,844.43 meters, is the highest peak on the earth. It is part of the Himalaya Range in High Asia, straddles the border between China and Nepal. It has been called the most revered of all mountains and the world's third pole.

9: Mountain Gongga

Mountain Gongga or Minya Konka in Luding, Kangding and Jiulong County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province: Where the wind stops to rest Mountain Gongga also known as Minya Konka is the highest mountain in Sichuan Province.

10: Namjagbarwa

Namjagbarwa is a cloud-kissing peak. In Tibetan, it means ¡®a spear piercing into the sky' and is transliterated into Namjagbarwa. Surrounded by clouds and mists, snuggled by the river and valley and clustered round by forest, Namjagbarwa is appraised as the most beautiful mountain in China by a number of scientists, explorers and climbers.

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