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Guangzhou tour China travel trip
Guangzhou travel China tour trip
Guangzhou trip China travel tour

Lying to the South China Sea, Guangzhou is located on the Pearl River Delta at 113017' longitude E. and 23~ 8' latitude N. and neighbours Hong Kong and Macao. The city is the capital of Guangdong Province and has a history of more than 2,200 years. The city is the centre of Lingnan Culture, the communication hub as well as the largest trade port in South China. As early as the Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BC), there had been exchanges between "Baiyue people" in Guangzhou and the people of the Chu State. Known as the City of Flowers, Guangzhou enjoys mild weather all the year round. The average annual temperature in Guangzhou is about 22.6 degrees centigrade. The city governs 12 districts, encompassing 7,434 square kilometres, with a population of 6.85 million.

Guangzhou's famous niekname-- "Yangcheng' (meaning ram city) and "Suicheng" (ear city) --come from a delightful legend. It is said that around the 10th century BC, five immortals riding five rams with rice stalks in their mouths, flew to Guangzhou. These immortals gave the rice to peasants and prayed that there would be bumper harvests. The immortals flew away and left the five rams behind, now turned into stones.

The city has comprehensive transportation network, which covers railways, highways, and water and air transportation, connecting the city with the rest of China and the world.

According to historians, the cultures of China's hinterland and of the Western societies all first emerged in Guangzhou and the city manages to maintain its own unique traditional culture despite the rapid move towards modernization.

Guangzhou Tour Sights

Zhenhai Tower
Western Han King Museum
Temple of Six Banyan Trees
Bright Filial Piety Temple
Dr. Sun Yatsen's Memorial Hall
Chen Family Temple
Yue Opera
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