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Home >> China City Guide >> Dunhuang >> Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake, Dunhuang tour China travel tripCrescent Lake is 6 kilometers (3.73 miles) south of the center of Dunhuang, near the Echoing-Sand Mountain, and is said to be where the oasis meets the desert. Crescent lake was formed by spring water trickling up into a depression between huge sand dunes, forming a crescent-shaped pond.

The climb to the top of the dunes is sweaty work, but the dramatic view back across the

rolling desert sands towards the oasis makes the effort worthwhile.

Out here the recreational activities include pursuits such as riding camels across the sand dune, or the more adventurous "dune surfing" (sand sliding) and paragliding (jumping off the top of high dunes with a chute on your back). There is also a tow-gliding operation closer to the entry gate: continue past it if you want to jump off a dune!

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