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Datong Tour

Datong locationDatong, the second largest city in Shanxi Province, situated in the far north, near the border with Inner Mongolia. Datong is an ancient city with a history of more than 2,400 years. The city is endowed with rich cultural relics, such as famous city, noted monasteries, well known pagodas, grottoes and illustrious frescoes as well. The State Council listed Datong as one of the 24 historical and cultural cities in the first batch in 1982.

Amid the blasted landscape of modern industrial China-coalmines, power stations and a huge locomotive factory - are some marvellous ancient sites, remnants of the city's glory days as the capital city of two non-Han Chinese dynasties. The Turkic Toba people took advantage of the internal strife afflicting central and southern China to establish their own dynasty, the Northern Wei (386-534), taking Datong as their capital in 398 AD, by which time they had conquered the whole of the north. Though the period was one of strife and warfare, and the Wei never fully consolidated their hold on power,the Northern Wei, who became fervent Buddhists, made some notable cultural achievements, the finest of which was a magnificent series of cave temples at Yungang, just west of the city, still one of the most impressive sights in northern China. Over the course of almost a century, more than fifty caves were completed, containing over fifty thousand statues, before the capital was moved south to Luoyang, where contruction began on the similar Longmen Caves.

China Great Travel offers customized Datong tours which including private Datong tour packages and group big bus day trips. The following tours are for your reference. There are many other tour attractions you can choose. We are always ready to tailor make a private and personal Datong tour package for you which can have more tourist destinations included: Beijing, Taiyuan, Shanghai, Hohot, Tianjin, Pingyao or Yangtse River. Just send us an email to get our travel expert help planning your China tour to Datong.

Private Datong City Tours

Yungang Grottoes 1 Day Datong Tour To Yungang Grottoes, Nine Dragon Screen, Huayan Monastery

Tour Code: Datong_01
Summary: In this tour, visitors will explore one of the three most famous stone carving arts in China - Yungang Grottoes which were built from 460-525 AD, they were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.

Hanging Temple 2 Days China Datong Tour Package

Tour Code: Datong_02
Summary: This trip include all the highlights in Datong: Yungang Grottoes, Nine Dragon Screen, Huayan Monastery, Wooden Pagoda and Hanging Temple which hangs on the west cliff of a hill with over 50 meters above the ground.

Hanging Temple 6 Days China Tour To Beijing, Datong

Tour Code: BJT_02
Summary: Explore 800-year old ancient capital of Beijing. Visit Datong which has been renowned for its Buddhist sites, as well as its proximity to Hengshan Mountain - one of the five Taoist holy mountains.

Pingyao 8-Day China Tour To Beijing, Datong, Taiyuan, Pingyao
Tour Code: BJT_03
Summary: During the Qing Dynasty, Pingyao was a financial centre of China. The ancient city is renowned for its well-preserved city walls, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Buildings in the town almost entirely from the Ming & Qing dynasties.

More China Tour Packages With Datong City Included


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