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JiuZhaiGou, Chengdu tour China travel trip
Jiuzhaigou, Chengdu travel China tour trip
JiuZhaiGou, Chengdu trip China tour travel
JiuZhaiGou, Chengdu tour China travel trip

JiuZhaiGou is located in the South section of Min Shan mountain Range and there is great tributary in the Gully which is the water source of JiaLing River of the Changjiang river system, The mountain peaks are towering around and the snow summits are raising in the sky. The Gully is formed into a "Y" type embraced by free mountains. There are 117 lakes in the gully both large and small which are distributed in terraced types. Between the lakes there are 17 waterfall groups and torrents in 11 sections and 5 calcification flowing shoals connected each other, which have formed into the natural Landscape with high mountain lake groups and calcification flowing shoals as the main body that is the only one China and rarely exists in the world.

The Scenery is varied in four seasons.In the middle of the Spring, the green and the flowers are beautiful. In Summer the lakes are tranquil and mountains are azure In golden Autumn the trees are full of red leaves and in middle Winter the glacial cascades are in thousands. The green lakes, cascaded waterfalls, flowing shoals, color forests, snow peaks and the flirtatious expression of Zhang nationality as well as the animal and vegetation resources being richly endowed by nature are greatly favoured by people. The national treasure-Pandas and the golden monkeys are more Loved by People too,which are honored as the "World of Divine Tales Fairy Land on the earth ". In 1978, the Nine Village Valley was constructed as the national natural protection area. In 1982 it was appointed by the state Council as a key point scenic and historic area, in 1992 and 1997 it was Listed by UNESCO as the natural heritage of the world and biosphere protection area of the world and it is the only famous scenic spot for tourist visit in China, which has won two international which has won two international Laurels and is rare in the world. The Culture of Zhang-Qing has its own unique fascination. The flirtation song and dance evening party reformed by the Nine Village Valley Nationality Artists Group has given humane Landscape to the unparalleled natural landscape and has become another scenery line to Nine Village Valley.

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