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Chengde Outer Eight Temples

outer Eight Temples, Chengde tour China travel trip
outer Eight Temples, Chengde travel China tour trip
outer Eight Temples, Chengde trip China tour travel
outer Eight Temples, Chengde tours China travel trip

"The views of the Mountain Resort can be as various as those in much larger areas". With the different characteristics of different nationalities, the magnificent temples are situated on the mountains and the plain, which encircle the Imperial Mountain Resort. The resort and temples add radiance and beauty to each other. The buildings reflect the interflow and mixing of culture and artistic styles between Chinese nationalities. They are also the symbol of the unity and solidarity of multinational country during the regin of Emperors Kongxi and Qianlong.

Pu Ning Si (Temple of Universal Peace)

It is based on the Sameye Monastery. The lofty and brilliant temple has a Buddha with thousand arms and thousand eyes. White terraces in various shapes, odd rockeries and verdant pine trees totally represent the beauty of gardens.

The Great Vermilion Terrace

It has not only the red and white terraces in Tibetain style, but also the pavilions, towers, halls and charmbers in Han style, which makes it splendid and magnificent.

Chengde Travel Attractions

Chengde Travel Attractions

Outer Eight Temples
Mulan Hunting Ground
Imperial Mountain Resort
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