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Home >> City Beach Resorts tours and travel guide

City Beach Resorts

City Beach ResortsLocated in Jinshan City Beach, located southwest of Shanghai, Hangzhou Bay, in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Zhoushan Islands regional economic center, the Yangtze River Delta region is an important linkage development. Coastline of 23.3 km, east Fengxian border, west of Zhejiang Pinghu. Jinshan district government's strong support, the coastline will gradually build into a set of tourism, leisure and entertainment, exhibition business, modern logistics, high-end living as one of the urban landscape coastline, it will be a romantic, dreamy, captured the imagination of the tapestry.

City Beach is the top priority of shoreline development and construction of coastal landscape of the Yangtze River Delta city of Shanghai has the most flavor. Beach protection project includes engineering, water treatment works and landscape works. Beach & Engineering dam 3.3 kilometers long, 5.4 meters high and six meters wide at the top, surrounded by an area of 1.5 square kilometers of water; the water treatment using physical precipitation, biodegradable, artificial waves, natural circulation, but supplemented by rainwater collected on land water systems and animal and plant chain, and scientific transformation of the beach, build a water Jinsha Bi cityscape coastline.

Artificial laying golden sand and crystal clear waters side by side, cling to the beach is already built landscape corridor. The gallery above white wavy shape of the roof, when the lamp lights up the whole night on both sides, the entire corridor as a long roll with pearl belt, undulating truly beautiful. Ahead in Bihaijinsha, oncoming sea breeze, which had previously been part of the pleasure of Hawaii and never belonged to Shanghai. Series of events held here, such as the world beach volleyball, Summer Wind Music Festival, etc., have become Jinshan coastline loud card.

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