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Home >> Atrium City travel information and tour

Atrium City

Atrium CityAtrium City Qingdao City North in 2007 to build a new building features Street, the city and the province is currently the only set of tourism, catering, entertainment, leisure and other functions in one of the indoor commercial pedestrian street.

Atrium City's largest architectural and artistic characteristic feature is the sky, the sky and the water curtain movie. Unique Atrium City design concept of the natural landscape and cultural landscape to cultural landscape show the natural landscape, the first to use advanced Canopy design practices internationally, using different techniques of sound and light, etc., in the interior space to create a blue sky, bright stars, etc. outdoor feel to walk under the canopy features, to create a rising sun, midday sun, sunset sunset, midnight Star Four Kinds of natural splendor, changing time and space, gives a shock, novel visual enjoyment.

Qingdao Atrium City creatively Jiaozhou Governor's Hall, Prince Henry Hotel, Qingdao public auditorium, the rubber O imperial court, Qingdao flower stone buildings, railway stations and other port than 20 representative old building made of miniature landscapes concentrated here, formed a unique international construction landscape. In addition, the city of North as well as the purpose of modern shows some famous buildings, realized the classical art and modern fashion for Harmony, full of strong artistic charm of Eastern and Western architectural culture of ancient and modern.

Now, Qingdao Atrium City, the Castle has become the world people enjoy food, catering, leisure, entertainment, business atmosphere, cultural atmosphere, artistic creation as one of the tourist attractions.

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