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Home >> Mochou Lake travel information and trip

Mochou Lake

Mochou LakeNanjing Mochou located west of the water outside the West, it is a city with 1,500 years long history and rich cultural resources in the South Classical Garden. A case study within the broad lake, lakeside building, room, hall, towering pavilion staggered, trees lush, colorful Blossoms, long enjoyed the reputation of a lake name, case study rich lotus root, lotus ares is six nominee Lake inspired. Far away in the Ming and Qing, a case study on a large number of planting lotus, every summer, lotus blossom, Cuigai safflower, incense wind blowing, reminding us of scenes peerless Limbo fairy, lightness finds.

A case study, the Six Dynasties Wang Tong said. The whole garden area of 54 hectares, the lake about 33.3 ha. Now the park has wins chess floor, Yu Jintang, PLA Memorial curtain and so on. Both ends of the park area floral arrangements, held annually in April Begonia flower, crowded, crowded. The former Jinling first spot, now more Hideitsu elegant, beautiful. After the liberation, Mo lakeside original building refurbished and expanded the garden tour, build a promenade, waterside pavilion, open-air stage and other facilities, planted flowers and trees.

Park House, Villa, pavilion, pavilion staggered delivered, embankment willow, crabapple and white, rippling water, blue shine on people. Wins chess floor, Yu Jintang, river tours hall, waterside, hold on floor, light Huating, winding paths and corridors, etc. Shochiku nestled in the rocks, flowers and trees shade among the faction wishing West Mo ratio, it is difficult to judge right and wrong Yanbo. Danjue lose a West, clouds outdoor photo Yunfei Jiang Fan, the pleasant scenery.

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