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Home >> Ditch Child Tourism And Leisure Resort tour guide

Ditch Child Tourism And Leisure Resort

Ditch Child Tourism And Leisure ResortDitch child because Fan Lihua Tang heroine in this camp, the adopted son, godson named. Resort located 5 km east of Luanchuan County, Henan Province Pingdingshan east, west Sanmenxia, Nanyang south, north of Luoyang. Ditch child scenic area of 18.8 square kilometers can visit. Which belongs to continental monsoon climate. Mountain, Xiong'ershan, refused to separate the north and south hot cold block, the annual temperature of 12.1 ¡æ, annual rainfall of 750-1000 mm, mild climate, humid air, the Hunan University tested negative ions per cubic centimeter of air content of 57 000, lush vegetation, forests coverage of 89%. It is the ideal place for eco-adventure, leisure and tourism botanical expedition.

Ten scenic canyon, landscapes accompanied Guteng trees pristine nature; towering peaks, stacked horizontal ridge day, dotted with waterfalls, pools; weak coward crystal clear streams, treasure trees everywhere, grass deer, antelope, and other birds and animals Rooster in harmony with nature. Has developed pastoral scenery, old Longtan, pear Village, river stone, Baihua Gu, Sanqing six functional area. Over 90 attractions so that visitors dizzying. There are stone, stone fairy frog, garden swing, big Foshan, mother spring, lock children cliff, Sanqing, wind-driven rock, stone River. These spots have a long history of good fortune and legends vivid nature. Tourists on vacation as possible as painting, flowers photography. Let your imagination and leave countless good memories.

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