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Home >> Barkhor Street travel information and tours

Barkhor Street

Barkhor StreetJokhang Temple, Barkhor Street is built around one of the most bustling commercial street in Lhasa. Streets in the center of the Jokhang Temple, Tibetan hospital building to the west, south along the Road, north to happiness Road, east of Lhasa Lin Kuo East River Hospital. Lhasa's Barkhor of people do not do not know. But the reference to Barkhor, people know much less. In fact, Barkhor Street Barkhor the right call.

In the eyes of visitors to this street as a commodity Street, and in the eyes of Tibetans had other implications, it is turning the traditional Tibetan way. Lhasa tradition of turning the road 103, along the Jokhang Temple Basilica week small forward, along Barkhor Street for the transit circle, along a winding road Lingkor large turn (about 10 km), this three turn by the way, are to release Muni Buddha image for the center. By Barkhor Street Barkhor, Barkhor Street, Barkhor Street and Barkhor North Street polygon composed of rings, circumference of about more than 1000 meters, within the street fork more, there are 35 streets.

Barkhor full of merchandise within Tibet ethnic characteristics, can be seen everywhere Tibetan handicrafts turning cylinder of various sizes, an array of tourist souvenirs, there are vintage jewelry, religious artifacts, Tibetan incense, Tibetan boots Tibetan hat, robe, knives, snuff bottles and other kinds of daily necessities, as well as from India and Nepal, a variety of goods from afar. Barkhor Tibetan years except during relatively deserted, the rest of the time are very lively.

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