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Home >> Thousand Buddha Mountain trip information

Thousand Buddha Mountain

Thousand Buddha MountainQianfoshan located in the south of Jinan city, Jinan, one of the three spots, elevation 285 meters, Zhou formerly known as Alexandra, every year since the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty March 3, September - are held in the temple, the Ming Dynasty temple expansion, then into incense resort. 1959 building new parks in 1995 was listed as the provincial scenic area, an area 166 hectares. Qianfoshan things peaks columns such as the screen, beautiful scenery and numerous attractions.

Xingguo Temple Qianfoshan mountainside ranks, there are the Main Hall, Kwun Tong, Maitreya temple of Huating. Qianfoya the south, statues deposit Kaihuang more than 130 years of respect. In Qianfoshan north has set as one of China's four grottoes poke holes, visitors to this, can a prospective Northern Wei, Tang, Song statues style. Revolution martyrs cemetery in the eastern foot of the Thousand Buddha Mountain, is the provincial key cultural relics protection units. Here is also littered with Tang Huai Pavilion, Qi smoke nine, Cloud Trail Zen Off Old Square and other attractions.

In recent years, Qianfoshan has made great progress, has added Blossom, sightseeing ropeway, Ying Fang Yuan, Qi can slide, Eighteen, Buddha, the Goddess of Mercy Park, Shun Stone Park, pear, waterfalls, Maitreya wins Court, become a financial history, culture, landscape, Buddhism in one complete service functions, large-scale tourist destination.

Qianfoshan honest, every Nearly Chung Yeung Festival will be held in the mountains, this custom has been followed for several dynasties, has still. By then, businesses have to carry out economic and trade activities, a variety of local products, such as hawthorn, persimmon, peanuts, are also listed, warm scene. Park features a teahouse, restaurants, with entertainment to help in travel. Each attraction has a photography department, canteen and other handicrafts.

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