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Home >> Lamma Island travel information and trip

Lamma Island

Lamma IslandLamma times, Liu Chau ship Song of the Tang Dynasty had to berth vessels of Guangzhou to foreign trade, the post Ya into Lamma Island. In modern times, since the island is located in the south of Hong Kong, shaped like the Chinese character Ah, so named for Lamma, and gradually replace the Lamma Island one. In 1964, North Lamma Rural Committee had reason people southward about government proposed that Lamma was renamed Nanya, but not accepted.

Mostly mountainous island, the highest point of the southern mountain pond in Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan has some ground. Lamma Island in Hong Kong Island's southwest, an area of approximately 13.74 square kilometers, second only to Lantau Island and Hong Kong Island, is the third largest island in Hong Kong. Lamma both sides of the Strait of things: the east were the face of the East Lamma Channel, Hong Kong Island South, and West Lamma face Cheung Chau, south of the South China Sea, then south a little to reach Dan rod Islands.

Hong Kong's Lamma Island had only a few small and remote fishing village, the hometown of the early years because Chow Yun Fat and famous. Lamma Island is not only a picturesque Today, more delicious seafood, Chinese and Western architecture is everywhere. The island lush bamboo forest, beach gentle, honest, leisure holiday resort. Lamma Island has been quiet and peaceful, so after the sixties and seventies attracted many young people and expatriates to Yung Shue Wan inhabited area, the street also opened a number of Western-style restaurants and pubs, filled with an exotic romantic.

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