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Home >> Russian Style Park sightseeing and tour

Russian Style Park

Russian Style ParkHarbin Russian style garden is a modern exotic garden, founded in late 1996, covers an area of 300,000 square meters, is for tourists and working-class resort and the construction of European and villas, all with European and Russian architectural style as the main body, combined with modern aesthetic ideas, reflect the unique architectural beauty.

The whole garden, mountains Stream, the scenery alone show, along the lake causeway, bridge across the Nadya is the main area style garden. Mountain loop, tree-lined road cover, all kinds of architectural pavilions, man and nature blend harmoniously, it is refreshing to generate return this really exciting and wonderful experience with nature. Whether you come to the Russian style garden in which season, there will be a new harvest.

Spring flowers are blooming, summer misty mountain fog, loud babbling rhyme; colorful autumn storied dye, especially by frost leaves, dazzling, written by frost myriad storied red is a style garden and the whole Wei Hushan District Akiyama leaves image description. Winter Park is the Mudanjiang City style ice entertainment base, visitors can enjoy the experience the fun of skiing, playing in the snow circle, playing sledge, skating, Liusuo road, ride snowmobiles. The park also has other rides amusement jungle lodge like. Here you can appreciate the beauty of nature.

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