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Home >> Southern Song Imperial Street trip information

Southern Song Imperial Street

Southern Song Imperial StreetHangzhou Southern Song Imperial Street, Zhongshan Road in Hangzhou now. Hangzhou in the mountain, since the Five Dynasties, Song has been the city of Hangzhou, all toward each of the main road is the political, economic, cultural and commercial center of Hangzhou. Another famous Royal Street and Hangzhou Street Fangjie cross intersection, Hangzhou has become a common type of historical and cultural tourist attractions, to travel to Hangzhou Hangzhou City foreign tourists show historical and cultural heritage.

Southern Song Dynasty, every three years, the emperor should be carried out a three-day ceremony to heaven. His spiritual house along Royal Street to King vegetarian ancestors, after one night, and then return the Imperial Ancestral Temple (now near the Drum Tower, the royal ancestor worship place ranking) night, then outside the city Jiaotan Heaven, then live After a late return to the palace. It is said that the emperor convoy through fear of crushed stone, every time the stone removed, and covered with sand.

Royal Street at the time of the people is also very important, because it focused on the tens of thousands of shops on both sides, Lin'an city half of the people were living in the vicinity. Ten, Royal Street can be divided into three sections: The first section from Wansongling to the Drum Tower, it is the political center of Lin'an, near the Royal Palace, central court authorities, royal, all the officials concentrated, consumption and purchasing power of the strongest, and therefore, here Most shops operating Jinyin Zhen Bao, high-end luxury; the second paragraph from the tower to the public Onkyo, sheep Batou, official alley center, was the commercial center, operating daily necessities, according to the Dream Liang Lu upload, here, diners gathered old, well-known to be investigated up to more than 120; the last paragraph of the herd Enbridge to Wulin Road, Fengqi crossing over, formed a street segment commerce and cultural entertainment combined, here are the biggest capital Entertainment Centre - North watts, day and night drama performances, puppet show, acrobatics, shadow play, storytelling and other arts drama, there are thousands of people here every day to play and leisure.

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