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Home >> Haikou People's Park sightseeing information

Haikou People's Park

Haikou People's ParkHaikou People's Park called as British mountain. The radius of more than 400 acres, less than 30 meters above sea level hill, since ancient times and is closely linked with the hero commemorate heroes.

Sui and Tang dynasties ago, the British mountain north of the sea, this stuff is Wulong Legend Tengyun heaven, lift the waves into the sea, the pit. Both for the Dragon, near the premises also extraordinary: Mountains north Dragon Tongue, tongue before a slope called Dragon Tongue slope; the mountain three villages are named waves, Bowen, tidal waves, from the Sui and Tang to the Qing and the Early Republic of China, it has been so resounding cried.

Legend has it that the British Shan Li has four temple. One for Fubo temple, as Jinian Han Zhijun two Fubo General the power to open Joan built; two is off sage temple, to commemorate the three generals Kuan built loyalty; three for classes handsome temple, to commemorate the Ban Ban Han Shuai Hou built; fourth is He Gongmiao, he named in honor of a general of the Ming Dynasty built. Perhaps because the British commanding heights of the mountains of the sea, to the Qing Dynasty, will be here to defend the sergeant turned into Yanwu field, the summit has Yanwu hall, martial arts training for the officers and men of the land. Forties of the last century, the British mountain Japanese occupation, the Japanese anti-aircraft guns as a base. After the war, where they became the Kuomintang forty-six army artillery fortress.

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