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Home >> Xitou Village travel information and trip

Xitou Village

Xitou VillageGuangzhou Conghua benign Town, there is a flow of River National Forest Park, Forest Park continue to drive this forward line ten minutes to reach the mountain chicken pillow, you can see a quaint little village - liang tou Town village. This small village has neither Liufangqiangu attractions, there is no plants, however, it is this not look like a small village, in 2010 the selection of the most beautiful villages in Guangzhou City time, Xitou village even beat Kwan Fong, won the Guangzhou ten two of the most beautiful countryside first title.

Tou along country lanes into the village, the first thing you can see, Tou Stone Lane, the little village of St. Paul, go after, is the biggest village alley Tou, a total length of a few hundred meters, a few minutes walk coming to an end. Lined alleys of the old house are farmers, street filled with local produce, stone-paved roads clean and tidy, very sort of ancient villages of taste.

Alley has a lot of houses on the edge, the alley is very clean, the door of the villagers are not stained floor, even many tourists, nor see a little bit of garbage. Rows of courtyard patchwork, progressive layers, from near and further away, creating a natural depth of field, people kind of want to in-depth visits impulse, we see every alley, you must go to see what happens.

Xitou village building very distinctive towards Chitou Stone Lane has a door, enter the door and discovered that there are alleys, there is also the rows of houses. From these layouts see, Xitou village year is not an ordinary small village. Tou said to be the most famous village in the Purple ancient architectural community, dating back about 180 years of history, these buildings are part of the ancient architectural complex.

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