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Home >> Yadan Geopark tours and travel guide

Yadan Geopark

Yadan GeoparkOn Dunhuang this magical land, nature and create a lot of wonders, located in Xinjiang, Gansu junction, 80 kilometers away from northwest of the Pass, there is a typical landform community, layout and orderly, strange shapes, It is a rare natural sculpture museum. Dunhuang called another spectacle, it is nature gods, wonderful endless natural masterpiece.

Dunhuang landform, soil hard, was light red. Something about 15 km north-south width of 2 km, and blue in stark contrast to the Gobi Desert, in the blue sky against the background particularly noticeable. Enter Jadin, met the wind, ghost sound dense, nocturnal turn not, Jadin local people commonly known as "Ghost City", in its entirety as an ancient medieval castle.

Different time to enter the landform group feeling is completely different. Early in the morning into the landform, when the rising sun, climb mountains, little glow, golden light, spectacular; noon into the landform, the sun is high overhead, surrounded by heavy shadow strange, strange Jadin group, as if everywhere smoke filled; Jadin group into the evening, a huge red lengthy gone, the wind slowly around, head rays bright, giving the United States enjoy.

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