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China Travel Attractions

Xigu Park (attractions2-tianjin) 2016-7-6
Jinci Temple (attractions2-taiyuan) 2016-6-22
Luo Xingzhou (attractions2-suzhou) 2016-6-8
City Beach Resorts (attractions2-shanghai) 2016-5-1
Peach Blossom Island (attractions2-sanya) 2016-4-5
Atrium City (attractions2-qingdao) 2016-3-22
Mochou Lake (attractions2-nanjing) 2016-3-12
Ditch Child Tourism And Leisure Resort (attractions2-luoyang) 2016-2-15
Barkhor Street (attractions2-lhasa) 2016-1-16
Ceramics Folk Expo (attractions2-jingdezhen) 2016-1-5
Thousand Buddha Mountain (attractions2-jinan) 2015-12-29
Lamma Island (attractions2-hongkong) 2015-12-20
Russian Style Park (attractions2-harbin) 2015-12-8
Southern Song Imperial Street (attractions2-hangzhou) 2015-11-17
Haikou People's Park (attractions2-haikou) 2015-10-3
Xitou Village (attractions2-guangzhou) 2015-9-4
Yadan Geopark (attractions2-dunhuang) 2015-8-7
Hanging Temple (attraction2-datong) 2015-6-24
Zhongshan Park (attraction2-dalian) 2015-6-2
Double Gallery (attraction2-dali) 2015-5-21
Furong River (attraction2-chongqing) 2015-5-12
Longquan Huaguoshan (attraction2-chengdu) 2015-5-6
Toad Stone (attraction2-chengde) 2015-4-13
Heimifeng Forest Park (attraction2-changsha) 2015-3-31
Hui Community (attraction2-xian) 2015-3-15
Jinshan Mountian (attraction2-xiamen) 2015-3-7
Mount Luojiashan (attraction2-wuhan) 2015-3-2
Tianzun House (attraction2-tianjin) 2015-2-24
Double Tower Temple (attraction2-taiyuan) 2015-2-11
Zhouzhuang Ancient Town (attraction2-suzhou) 2015-1-26
Zhujiajiao Bridge Released (attraction2-shanghai) 2015-1-14
Sanya The First Market (attraction2-sanya) 2015-1-7
Masan Stone Forest (attraction2-qingdao) 2014-12-16
Lixiangjun Former Residence (attraction2-nanjing) 2014-11-20
White Horse Temple (attraction2-luoyang) 2014-10-30
Daming Lake (attraction2-jinan) 2014-10-16
Madame Tussaud (attraction2-hongkong) 2014-10-9
Incense Hill (attraction2-harbin) 2014-9-28
Santai Mountain (attraction2-hangzhou) 2014-9-18
Century Bridge (attraction2-haikou) 2014-9-11
Humenxiaoyan Pool (attraction2-guangzhou) 2014-9-7
Hengshan Mountain (attraction2-datong) 2014-8-18
Lushun Electric Rock Fort (attraction2-dalian) 2014-8-18
Jihong Bridge (attraction2-dali) 2014-8-8
Qujiang Pool Relics Park (attraction2-xian) 2014-7-28
Huandao Road (attraction2-xiamen) 2014-7-18
Mulan Mountain (attraction2-wuhan) 2014-7-12
Water Park (attraction2-tianjin) 2014-7-4
Longshan Grottoes (attraction2-taiyuan) 2014-6-30
Shangfang Mountain National Forest Park (attraction2-suzhou) 2014-6-16
Old Street (attraction2-shanghai) 2014-6-5
Wild Boar Island (attraction2-sanya) 2014-5-28
Golden Sand Beach (attraction2-qingdao) 2014-5-20
Xuanwu Lake Park (attraction2-nanjing) 2014-5-12
Yellow River Xiaolangdi Scenic Area (attraction2-luoyang) 2014-5-2
Baotu Spring Park (attraction2-jinan) 2014-4-29
Disneyland (attraction2-hongkong) 2014-4-19
Orthodox Churches (attraction2-harbin) 2014-4-11
Yunqi Bamboo Path (attraction2-hangzhou) 2014-4-4
Hairui Former Residence (attraction2-haikou) 2014-3-28
Chen Family Temple (attraction2-guangzhou) 2014-3-25
Shanhua Temple (attraction2-datong) 2014-3-18
Museum (attraction2-dali) 2014-3-14
Panjiayuan Flea Market (attraction2-beijing) 2014-3-10
Porcelain House (attraction2-tianjin) 2014-3-6
Pingyao Ancient City (attraction2-taiyuan) 2014-3-3
Marine Aquarium (attraction2-shanghai) 2014-2-26
Tianyahaijiao Scenic Area (attraction2-sanya) 2014-2-19
Laoshan Scenic Area (attraction2-qingdao) 2014-2-19
Laojunsan Scenic Spot (attraction2-luoyang) 2014-2-19
Ocean Park, Jiurushan Waterfall Group Scenic Area (attraction2-hongkong-jinan ) 2014-2-15
Three Pagodas, Dalian Binhai National Geological Park, Yungang Grottoes (attraction2 ) 2014-1-18
Baoding Mountain , Baoding Mountain , Wushan Little Three Gorges, (attraction2-chongqing) 2014-1-12
Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain, Huanglong Valley, Dujiang Dam (attraction2-chengdu) 2014-1-4
Jinshanling Great Wall, Putuozongcheng Temple, Bashang, (attraction2-chengde) 2013-12-24
Changsha Underwater World, Hunan Forest Botanical Garden, Changsha City Museum, Dawei Mountain Ski Area (attraction2-changsha) 2013-12-18
Heilongjiang Provincial Museum, Russian Art Exhibit Space (attraction2-harbin) 2013-12-12
Discovery Kingdom Theme Park, Snake Island (attraction2-dalian) 2013-11-27
Jinyun Temple, Baoding Mountain (attraction2-chongqing) 2013-11-19

Mountain Resort, Mulan Paddock, Saihanba National Forest Park (attraction2-chengde) 2013-11-13
Yellow Crane Tower, Donghu Birds Forest (attraction2-wuhan) 2013-10-25
Dujiangyan, Xiling Snow Mountain (attraction2-chengdu) 2013-10-5
Shiyan Lake, Changsha Window, Dawei Mountain (attraction2-changsha) 2013-9-26
Qinhuai River, Zhongshan Mausoleum Scenic Spot, Zhong Shan Scenic Area (attraction2-nanjing) 2013-9-18
Thousand Island Lake, Zhexi Grand Canyon, Hangzhou Wild Animal Park (attraction2-hangzhou) 2013-9-11
Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Terracotta Warriors, Sun Moon Valley Spa Resort
Haikou Tropical Ocean World, Tongli Old Town, Gulangyu Island, Nanputuo Temple
Liuxihe National Forest Park, Xinglong Tropical Garden, Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park, Gulangyu Island, Nanputuo Temple,

China is located in East Asia, is a Chinese civilization as the main basis of Chinese culture to the Han as a unified multi-ethnic country major population. Universal language. China's various ethnic groups within the territory referred to as the Chinese nation, also known as Chinese or overseas Chinese. The dragon is a symbol of the Chinese nation.

China is one of the four ancient civilizations, has a long history, dating back about 5,000 years ago, in the Central Plains region as the center began to turn into a national organization settlements and dynasties, the latter after repeated evolution and change of dynasties, longer duration of there dynasty Xia, Shang, Zhou, Han, Jin, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing. Central Plains and northern nomadic history constantly exchanges campaign, a large number of national integration of the Chinese nation. After the Revolution the early 20th century, Chinese monarchy exit the stage of history, replaced by a republic. After the founding of the PRC in 1949, the Chinese mainland to establish a people's congress system of government. China has a colorful history and culture, traditional art form of opera, calligraphy and painting, etc., the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Tanabata, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double Ninth Festival is a traditional festival.

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