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Home >> Qujiang Pool Relics Park tourist guide

Qujiang Pool Relics Park

Qujiang Pool Relics ParkQujiang Pool Park is located in southern suburbs of Xi'an Qujiang ruins scenic zone, north of Datang Furong Garden, south of Emperor Qin Mausoleum ruins, covering 1,500 acres. Ruins Park near the pool by the famous architectural design featuring master academician Zhang Jinqiu total planning and design, relying on the surrounding rich tourism and cultural resources and cultural traditions, recovery and recycling Qujiang Lake, Qujiang stream to drink, and Han Quan, Yichun Court, Phoenix Chi and other historical and cultural landscape, reproduce Qujiang district, repeated Qinglin, filled with green water, the human landscape pattern, constructed set of ecological environment reconstruction, tourism and leisure and entertainment, exhibition and other modern business functions as an integrated urban ecological and recreational area.

Xi'an tour to Qujiang pool is a famous historical sites, the Qin Dynasty when there is a great size, was called Gai state. During the reign of the Han dynasty, the water has been dredged for the Qujiang called Yichun Court. After the war, barren dry. To the Inter-Tang Kaiyuan. Xuanzong Li Longji re-dredging digging canals, cited Dayu water into drains and yellow note in the pool, because the terrain turns, river overflow, named Qujiang. Peace in mind, said: Qujiang pool their water twists and turns, there seems Guangling the river, hence the name. Qujiang year, South Green T. House, Hibiscus Court, West apricot, Grace Temple, Qujiang Pavilion rolling ...... strait palace, pavilion and downs, mushroom Po lush, weeping willow smoke, beautiful scenery and picturesque.

Qujiang Pool Heritage Park is a historical and cultural protection, ecological garden, landscape view, leisure and tourism, folk heritage, art exhibition as one of the open culture of urban ecological park. Qujiang Pool Relics Park has many manifestations of social life Tang Dynasty sculptures arranged throughout the whole garden or lawn, or squares, or slopes, or waterfront, or even in the water. Ruins Park near the pool so enveloped in a rich cultural atmosphere Datang. Sculpture Material mostly bronze or stone. Realist art practices based, people share their feelings.

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