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Home >> Hui Community travel guide and tour

Hui Community

Hui CommunityThe far north of the city gates boarded walls, looked south west, seen built in the Sui Dynasty sleep Lane mosque. In that round by the House called golden crescent moon on top against the background, dotted with more than a dozen mosques and a variety of large and small Islamic style turrets. On the tree-shaded streets, many wearing white hat around hijab Muslim believers and men and women everywhere Arab file posters exceptionally compelling.

When the aroma release when Xian Hui in every street aroma filled diners gathered. Here a collection of hundreds of Muslims inexpensive snacks: steamed mutton, lamb basin, clyster buns, cured mutton, persimmon cake Huanggui dumped admiring foreign patrons. Many famous old as Shaanxi first bowl, Junyi Paomo floor hall, three Guan Tang Jia Bao Zipu old child at home December mutton shops, but also to their unique charm to visiting foreign celebrities, dignitaries, at home and abroad Visitors left a deep impression.

Square from the Tang Dynasty, is a regional division of Tang, Xi'an tours to Chang'an as the starting point of the Silk Road, to accommodate a large number from West Asia, Central Asia and moved to the Muslims. With the large influx of Muslims, Islam began to spread in China, in order to facilitate religious activities and life, according to a Muslim mosque door, this layout Islam was introduced to China from the beginning has been continued ever since, every mosques have formed a Square. Master Square Xi'an regions Islam a Muslim man affectionately title, also known as Hui.

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