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Home >> Xian Big Wild Goose Pagoda travel guide and tour

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Big Wild Goose Pagoda XianWild goose pagoda was built in the tang dynasty, yong hui three years (AD 652), is used in place of Buddhism from India to buddhist sutras still stupa. Is located in xi 'an of shaanxi province center inside the temple. Lao tower 7 floors, 64.5 meters. Is regarded as the symbol of the ancient capital of xi 'an. Is xi 'an famous tourist destination.

Big wild goose pagoda in the temple is the tang dynasty monk xuan zang specializing in translation and the scriptures. Because later on changan jianfu temple built a small wild goose pagoda, the temple was called wild goose pagoda, tower jianfu temple was called the small wild goose pagoda, tower has been spread so far.

After tang dynasty, temple temple by repeated warfare, the house burned down, only alone wild goose pagoda. In 931 AD (five generations of the later tang dynasty changxing two years) to the wild goose pagoda to repair again. Xi 'an area earthquake occurred several times later, the wild goose pagoda tower fell, the tower shatter. In the twenty-third year of wanli of Ming dynasty (1604) in the tang dynasty on the basic model of tower body, the full build by laying bricks or stones in its appearance on 60 cm thick cladding, the modelling is more wide than before, the wild goose pagoda is now see model. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the wild goose pagoda in 1961 issued by the state council as the first batch of national key cultural relics protection unit. Wild goose pagoda in 1964 after a renovation, Xi'an tour to Big wild Goose Pagoda is the basic to keep the original style. Shaanxi famen temple pagoda has placed the same, may also be in possession of one thousand underground under xi 'an wild goose pagoda. The speculation of Buddhism from India, after returning from the back the treasure could be hidden in palace under the pagoda of.

Wild goose pagoda due to man-made destruction, combined with their own problems such as structure, the tower was found in 1719 AD. By the relevant department after more than 20 years of exploration, the comprehensive improvement of the protection, drainage and seepage control, etc, the wild goose pagoda tilt position has significantly easing and stable, tilt in 2005 is 1001.9 mm.

Wild goose pagoda, it is really related to wild goose? Xuan zang's "datang west remember" recorded in his smell in India monks bury a wild goose tower of legend, explains the origin of wild goose tower of the most trusted. "Datang west ji nine years: in the ogre tuo luo Lou indra potential of native land, the wild goose pagoda, from wild goose into enlightenment theravada christians, maybe this can remember is a wild goose tower name comes from. Legend, long ago, mo jie tuo countries (now south bihar) in a monastery of monks believe in hinayana, eats three net (that is, the wild goose, deer, meat calves). One day, a group of geese fly sky. A monk saw group of wild goose, letter said: "today we all have nothing to eat, the bodhisattva should know we are hungry!" Taking a wild geese fell dead in his word, the monk in front, he was pleasantly surprised, all times against temple monks, all think that this is the tathagata in educating them. Hence in the place where wild goose fell to the solemn ceremony was buried wild goose tower, named wild goose pagoda. The tang dynasty monk xuan zang in AD 629 to 645, when travel in India, in the wild goose pagoda. After returning home, during the temple translation of the scriptures of Buddha for deposit back from India, in 652 AD, in the temple courtyard, built a imitation India 2-foot-tall tower in the form of wild goose pagoda, this tower is called wild goose pagoda. Name continues today.

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