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Home >> Sun Moon Valley Spa Resort, Xiamen tour guide

Sun Moon Valley Spa Resort

Sun Moon Valley Spa ResortSun Valley hot springs located in the west side of the Straits of Xiamen Sun Valley Resort, was named the five Starhotel Tourist Hotel National 4A level scenic area. Has a spa boutique quality rare carbonate hot spring resources be richly endowed by nature, is the natural Sun Valley Resort, there are 400 years ago in the history witness. The resort is filled with exotic amorous feelings of Southeast Asia; everywhere landscape distinctive ingenuity, dozens of spring pool and unique style, leisure holiday resort desirable!

Sun Valley hot surface temperature 82 ¡æ, deep temperature 92 ¡æ, is a rare quality carbonate saline, pH 6.6, water gentle, good water quality, abundant water. Trace elements in Sun Valley hot spring water rich in potassium, sodium metasilicate, calcium, magnesium, iron, and so on many kinds of beneficial to human body, can promote the blood circulation, activate cells, effectively prevent disease, rapid elimination of fatigue, thus achieving Shujinhuoxue, physical fitness, skin beauty, anti-aging health, beauty effect; the skin pigmentation, rheumatoid arthritis, neurasthenic, neuralgia, sports injuries, infertility and other auxiliary therapeutic effect significantly; Xiamen tour cardiovascular disease (hypertension, hyperlipidemia non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus) under the guidance of the physicians use the spa treatment, with special effects.

Five star resort hotel, close integration with nature, like the "oasis garden on the sea" on a quiet serene, U pattern of hotel space, enjoy the beauty of the hotel, has 115 spacious guest rooms, each are equipped with independent exclusive hot springs bath space, all-weather enjoy bathing fun! With the Sun Valley Hot Springs Park, Sun Valley The Springs Hotel and Riyuegu hotsprings private club, is a tourist resort, leisure and rest, business meetings, sports fitness, ecological, environmental protection is one of the multifunctional integrated tourism resort.

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