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Home >> Nanputuo Temple, China Xiamen travel guide and tour

Nanputuo Temple

Nanputuo Temple XiamenNan Putuo temple is in the southern island of Xiamen Wulao peak. Built in the Tang Dynasty. As one of the Buddhist resort. The hall of heavenly kings. The main hall. The Great Mercy Temple building beautiful. Magnificent Hong-Li. The temple dedicated to Maitreya. III Buddha. A Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva. The four heavenly kings. Eighteen Arhats. Cangjing Ge collection of Buddhist relics rich colorful. There are classic. Buddha. Song Dynasty bronze bell. Books. The Ming Wanli theirs "Lotus Sutra" and He Zhaozong's white porcelain a Buddism godness Guanyin temple, the most expensive. Many inscriptions retained around. There is the famous Ming Chen. Shen Yourong stone inscription and Qing emperor Qian Long imperial stele. After the temple cliff "Buddha" stone. A cultural four feet wide and ten. Temple. After five peak screen. Shochiku Tsui Yu. Grand scene. "Five old men peak". Xiamen is one of the big eight.

Nan Putuo temple in Xiamen South Siming Road, close to Xiamen University. Through the Xiamen University. Go to the seaside. South Putuo temple incense exuberant exception. The devout to the temple. The rabbit thought Temple shooting is disrespectful behavior. So show in front of you are just outside.

Xiamen tours to Nan Putuo temple there is an attractive place. That is vegetarian. Southern Putuo vegetable dish with its pure and elegant unique flavor renowned at home and abroad. The chef cooked vegetable dish. Strictly material for handicrafts. Get rid of vegetable dish imitation fishy tradition. To vegetable dish plain name and unique Yifan. Not only pay attention to color. Incense. Taste and exquisite shape. God. A dish a James. Charm elegant. A quality suggestive of poetry or painting. "Half Shen Jiang" this dish is the most famous one.

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