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Home >> Jinshan Mountian travel information and trip

Jinshan Mountian

Jinshan MountianJinshan located Huangcuo King states Paradise Taiwan Folk Village, 201.9 meters high, according to legend named because of the mountains to hide gold. Jinshan also called on JinZhai, but because there is a national hero Zheng Chenggong in this building, Kim cottage Navy garrison training, so complex sets of the Qing dynasty.

Jinshan after fifty years of closed forest, has maintained the original look. There are more than 20 scenic spots in jinshan Turquoise Discus, mostly stone for the protagonist, rock formations, like physical likeness, stone formation in the world. Dengdao mountain, leaning stone rotation, sometimes empty, sometimes sneak. Established a group of stone lying waves, but Gold Mountain Valley. Such as the hawksbill turtle swimming, like, turtles into the sea. Dingli six boulders form a Kuni hole, can accommodate dozens of people polymerization, bright and transparent. Kuni hole, Xiamen trip the piece more than 60 meters long, 20 meters high, such as cutting large granite lying, looks somewhat like a mighty ship docked at the pier, wheel is the narrow end through Tianqu, at the end of the blue corner, from straight on deck, suddenly brighter future. To a deck, in front of the sea Little Kinmen, big bear, bear and two Lantau, Wuzhou Island, when the time is now hidden in the fog, waves shuttle boats, leisurely trip. Surrounded, Songhai rock, surrounded by the sound of rustling pine, seeing Benzhu under whitecaps, Jinshan Song suddenly and stone charm to!

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