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Home >> Huandao Road sightseeing tours

Huandao Road

Huandao RoadXiamen Huandao Road entire 31 km, width of 44 to 60 meters, two-way six-lane, the green belt of 80 to 100 meters, is one of the scenic roads Xiamen sea. Construction of the road around the island has been pursuing a sea see the sea, leaving the most beautiful beach people, the purpose, some mountains and the sea, and some Linghai bridge, some wearing rock drill holes, building high starting point, strict standards, fully embodies the characteristics of sub-tropical scenery. Through nearly 470,000 square meters of greenery, sketches and other fully reflects the subtropical scenery, reflecting the characteristics of Xiamen, forming a set of tourism and recreation as one of the coastal corridor. Show in front of people is a blue sky, sea, sand, green and beautiful seasonal flowers constantly drawing. Huandao Road will be based on the existing landscape, sandy beach, historical context, from the people, nature, ecology, the idea of starting down the line framing design, the middle and left sides of each landscape medians and 50-150 meters windbreaks . By road slope on the potential formation of a primitive and the modern, combining development and protection of the ecological way. Meanwhile, with the completion of Zhongzhaiwan Bridge, will make the original slightly quiet northeastern part of Xiamen Island emergent Kazuhiro moon rise with the tide of the magnificent landscape. On current form Tzengtsu service centers, service centers and Paving Huangcuo tourism exhibition center, the entire road natural, fresh, tasteful, elegant appearance. In 2000, the East Central Wang Hai was rated as one of the new twenty Xiamen King. Paving from Xiamen University to which section of the coast, about 9 km, called the gold coast, is a travel, tourism and leisure in one of the seaside green corridor.

S-shaped road - the road from the roundabout road to the White City section of Yanwu, China Xiamen tours with high shore, is an S-shaped, streamlined sections, total length of 1.2 kilometers, more than one kilometer long bridge for two-way four-lane, such as lying on the sea Changlong Limbo , into the sky. Interestingly, the shape of a fish-style bridges, piers for the oval, forming a beautiful view of the sea promenade, people from different angles and at different levels and different side views of the coast, beach, waves and other scenery.

This section of the bridge embankment and separation, reflecting the combined bridge shore each other landscape features. Huandao Road waterfront unit retains the original concept of the construction of Hai Ting, sea ladder spaced, visitors can take a walk down the beach at any time. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the design of the bridge during the night using a white light source, no high bridge railing, linear light source located on the fence, the evening turned into a dance Longbridge therefore silver band of light, so that people really enjoy to Longbridge lying wave, banks elegant night.

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