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Home >> Gulangyu Island, China Xiamen travel guide and tours

Gulangyu Island

Xiamen Gulangyu IslandGulangyu Island is located in the southwest corner of Xiamen Island across the sea, Xiamen Island are separated by only a 600 meters wide Lujiang ferry 5 minutes. Area of 1.87 square kilometers, more than 20,000 people, for Xiamen jurisdiction. Island's pleasant climate year-round spring madding crowd, flowers, known as "Garden on the Sea" reputation. Gulangyu Island as a national scenic area, one of the first scenic spot, Fujian "Top Ten" of 35 well-known attractions. The Gulangyu current sightseeing, vacation, travel, shopping, leisure and entertainment as an integrated island scenery Cultural Tourism Zone. May 8, 2007, the of Xiamen Gulangyu scenic area formally approved by the National Tourism Administration for the state 5A-class tourist attractions.

The Gulangyu formerly round sandbar, Yuen Chau Aberdeen, Yinhaixinan the sea caves by the wave of sound like thunders, the Ming Ya into its name. Due to historical reasons, the Chinese and foreign various styles of buildings here is well collection, retention, International Architecture Exhibition, "said. The fertile soil of the island or the music, talented people The piano has density is among the highest in the country, they have reputation "Piano Island", "music township.

Xiamen tour to Gulangyu meandering coastline of the island, the slope Sui fine sand the natural lido cloth around the ring, the main attractions are Sunlight Rock, Shuzhuang, garden Haoyue Park, Yu Garden, etc.. The highest peak Riguangyan is a symbol of Xiamen, "not on Riguangyan did not mean to Xiamen," said. Please look above to Gulangyu the Gulangyu ferry terminal, its shape is indeed a piano. In addition the island has a piano museum, a collection of many of the world's Steinway piano. The island climate year-round spring, and the entire forbidden line of motor vehicles (only a garbage truck is a motor vehicle), and even bicycles are rare. The island only dozens of cars for tourism battery car.

Gulangyu subtropical marine monsoon climate, the island more than 90 families and more than 4,000 species of plants, perennial lush, flowers, fresh air. Island well preserved many buildings, a variety of Chinese and foreign architectural style the China traditional cornices Qiaojiao of the temple, Minnan-style courtyard bungalows, gossip floor in the finished wall together, the small size of Japanese houses Consulate of the 19th century European style of the original Western countries, "International Architecture Exhibition," Fitch.

Starting from the middle of the 19th century, along with the spread of Christianity, Western music began influx Gulangyu, Gulangyu elegant living environment integration, creating today's musical traditions of the Gulangyu cultivate Zhou Shuan, Lin Junqing, Yin, Chen Zuo-huang, Xu Feiping large number of distinguished musicians. Today, Gulangyu per capita piano has a rate of the first in the country, the island has more than 100 musical family, Gulangyu 2002 the Chinese Musicians' Association, named the "Island of Music".

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