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Home >> Yellow Crane Tower travel guide

Yellow Crane Tower

Yellow Crane TowerTowering Snake Hill in Wuchang, the Yellow Crane Tower, enjoy the " world must view " reputation, and Yueyang, Hunan, Jiangxi Poetic and known as the "Jiangnan three famous building. Yellow Crane Tower was built in the Three Kingdoms period came just two years (AD 223), the legend is built for military purposes, Sun Quan to achieve the " Wu Zhiguo and prosper (Wuchang The origin of the name here), fortification for defense, construction of buildings to Liao Wang. To the Tang Dynasty, and its military nature evolved into the famous attractions, ancient literati this tour, leaving a lot of well-known poems.

Tang Dynasty poet Cui Hao a Huang Xiren have to go here and spare Yellow Crane Tower. Huang gone, clouds golden empty leisurely. Qingchuan distinctly Hanyang tree Fangcaoqiqi Parrot Island. Higurashi village close where is Lakeshore river is indeed worrying. " has become the eternal farewell, but also gives the Yellow Crane Tower fame. To Tang Yongtai first year (AD 765) Yellow Crane Tower has a larger scale, so a lot of the river Xiaming Shi "tour will then, the feast will be so." However Binghuo frequent, Wuhan tours to Yellow Crane Tower repeated construction waste. Finally a "clear floor " was built in Tongzhi seven years (AD 1868), destroyed Guangxu years (AD 1884), after nearly a hundred years have not been rebuilt.

Yellow Crane Tower shape since its inception, the DPRK neither the same, but all seem Ko Ko powerful, highly personalized. And Yueyang Tower, Poetic compared to the plane of the Yellow Crane Tower is designed to cover all sides octagon, that the " all sides." These figures reveal the number of ancient buildings symbolic culture and ethical expressive function. Longitudinal look at the layers from the floor and building name row directly related to the eaves, shaped like Huang, artful. Among the entire floor of the forceful yet sophisticated, varied charm and beauty.

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