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Home >> Mulan Mountain sightseeing guide

Mulan Mountain

Mulan MountainMulan Mountain is located in the northern part of Wuhan City, 50 kilometers away from the city center, covering a total area of 78 square kilometers and an altitude of 582.1 meters, is one of the peak of the Dabie Mountains, since ancient times, Mulan Song Cui reputation, Tu Ming Dynasty poet of praise as Xiling most wins, pole cover three Chu concept.

Mulan Mountain is a national AAAA level scenic spots, because the generals named Mulan, Mulan general's hometown is Buddhist and Taoist shrines. Mulan Mountain also incense in religious shrines, their religious activities began in the Sui and Tang Xing Sheng Yu Ming, Buddhism, Taoism teaches coexistence of two mountain, its seven Eight Views thirty-six palace temple construction area of 30,000 square meters, idol worship a thousand statue.

Mulan Mulan Mountain is the birthplace of both religion, geology, architectural wonders for one, was built in the Tang Dynasty Magnolia Hall, where a plastic statue of the three body should Mulan. As a national geological park, there are widely distributed in 750 million-year-old blue schist. Mulan Mountain group of famous songs. Mulan Mountain name Yue Chu L. Sky, magnificent. Majestic group Luan Xiufeng, Taoism and Buddhism clay Mulan Mountain many ancient buildings and temples crowded ancient temples, ten SJ, ever-changing clouds wonders, summer Is like a spring pleasant climate, all very enjoyable.

China Wuhan tour to to Mulan Mountain unique natural environment and cultural landscape to attract people, mountains, fresh air, pleasant climate, with an average annual temperature of 16 degrees, the summer temperatures over the stove Wuhan low 3-4 degrees.

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