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Home >> Mount Luojiashan sightseeing and tour

Mount Luojiashan

Mount LuojiashanMount Luojiashan located in Wuchang, Hubei Province in the eastern suburbs, towering lie, Gang Luan rolling, and East Lake water color each other, become a group attraction. The most beautiful universities in China, one of Wuhan University, located in the western Mount Luojiashan, the mountain structure, splendid architecture.

Mount Luojiashan, formerly known as Luo Jiashan, Yiming Buddhist monk's robe off the mountain. Mount Luojiashan now the name is the National Wuhan University Dean's first comprehensive reading of reform. Luo, is the meaning of hard rock; Jia, ancient women wearing headdresses. Riding off and Luojia word homonym, meaning when the arduous mountain driving off, Wuhan trip the provision in the difficult mountain school.

Wuhan University near Lake water has waves Amoy stone, numerous lists; sixty-one nearby pavilion, 61 Martyrs Memorial and other revolutionary buildings and sailing club, swimming pool and other sports facilities. Wuhan University campus within the first cherry grown in the last century, thirty or forty years, including more than 10 varieties of early cherry, fuchsia, red weeping cherry and so on.

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