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Home >> Donghu Birds Forest travel guide and tour

Donghu Birds Forest

Donghu Birds ForestWuhan East Lake Tree Birds is located in the scenic East Lake, covering 30 acres, including artificial bird activity net area of 18,000 square meters, invested over 800 million yuan. Hubei Province is the only set of bird watching, birds, captive breeding, science education, ambulance, where as one of the theme parks, its scale, bird species of the whole, the sheer number called the country 's best bird watching paradise.

Lake Tree Birds completed in September 1998, a height of 45 meters from the center column with 19 20 -meter-high side columns frame a large cage considerable momentum. Lake Tree Birds design purpose: both seek bird ecology, but also seeking exquisite garden art.

First, highlight the bird varieties. The type and quantity of birds, the park now ranks Tree Birds the most. Artificial cage area, the collection of birds from all over the world have waders, waterfowl, songbirds, birds climbing, walking birds, birds of prey, birds and other seven categories thirteen subjects, 200 more than 8000 varieties of ornamental value only very Jane Bird class, including the national one, two protection up to 20 kinds of birds, there are red-crowned crane, green peacocks, white stork, white pheasant, golden pheasant, golden eagle, spotted eagle, as well as abroad, macaw, black Swan, fire Lie birds.

Second, highlight the bird show items. Tree Birds Birds of East Lake is the largest arts performances Birds theme park, it gives joy and laughter, enjoyable.

Third, highlight garden art from Wuhan tour to East Lake Tree Birds Architectural Design Institute to undertake the design, soaring waterfalls, bamboo teahouses, ostrich park, children's playground, squirrels Park 18 attractions, shapes, elegant style, constitute the park to fly waterfall mold flow, majestic, rippling water, sparkling, pavilions, patchwork, trees, flowers, fresh views, not only adapt to the survival of birds, but also gives an aesthetic environment. In which the body, will make you feel the joy of returning to nature.

Four, is committed to treat wild birds, rescue work. Lake Tree Birds treated a large number of wild birds, and they are released into nature. September 16, 2000 " Wuhan City Forestry Wildlife Conservation Center, Tree Birds Birds ambulance station" listed, marking Tree Birds Birds rescue work into the professional and legal management track, while birds forest bird rescue work has been supported by the community. Lake Tree Birds birds of paradise, but also a paradise for humans, different classes, different industries, different ages are here to seek common fun.

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