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Home >> Tianzun House trips and travel guide

Tianzun House

Tianzun HouseTianzun House in Ninghe Fengtai town, built before Emperor Kangxi, Xianfeng eight years (1858) rebuilt, is a Taoist temple dedicated to Primus. Originally the gate, side hall and a large pavilion composed after most buildings destroyed in the earthquake, is the only remaining large pavilion. Grand Court built upon the tall pedestal, 14.7 m-high, three-tier wooden structures, the lowest is the Tianzun Court, Middle Temple for the Queen Mother, the upper house of the name Ziwei. Pavilion tight reasonable structure, beautiful decoration, the Tangshan earthquake actually safe and sound, this experience to the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan region to study the seismic houses provide a kind of information.

From Tianjin trip Ninghe government was informed in 2007 after more than two months of intense repair, Tianjin famous high-rise wooden structures of ancient buildings - ninghe Tianzun Court fixes, a new, formal acceptance by the group of experts City, so this has centuries-old temple again brought out a new style. As a Tianzun Court House Tianjin, one of the three Taoist history, covering 6,000 square meters, construction area of 240 square meters, three pavilions, through high 17.4 m. Founded's been untraceable, contains the history of the Qing Emperor Kangxi rebuilt, Tianjin key units, the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units. According to experts, the Tianzun Court ingenious structures, the root causes of the ground directly Genei Court has eight top Babel columns, enhanced robustness and stability of the building. Although the experience of the Tangshan earthquake to fail, it can be repaired for the study of three hundred years Tianjin-Tangshan region earthquakes and aseismic, shockproof to provide a scientific basis.

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