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Home >> Porcelain House travel guide and tour

Porcelain House

Porcelain HousePorcelain house is located in Chifeng Road No. 72, Heping District, located in the bustling downtown area, very close from the former residence of Zhang Xueliang. This is a porcelain house has 100 years of history of French architecture, disrepair, idle more than ten years. Fresh Group chairman Wei Lian Tianjin tour, Guangdong aim this basis, the cost of its ancient porcelain and ceramic decoration into the house.

5 points up and down the main building houses the porcelain layer behind a strip 4-storey building, the two sides still have a more than 200 -square-meter penthouse, total construction area of over 3000 square meters. This porcelain decorated house, spent more than four hundred million pieces of porcelain pieces, over four thousand pieces of ancient porcelain, more than four hundred pieces of white marble stone and rock crystal and agate over twenty tons, and nearly only porcelain cat pillow, three hundred a number of years, ranging sizes stone lions. Used in porcelain and ceramic tiles house dating from the Han Dynasty have been across to the Qing Dynasty, in addition to the five famous kilns kiln outside there Longquan kilns, Yaozhou etc. All GUANYAO, the type of almost all Chinese porcelain kilns can be seen here. Glowing perfect combination of Eastern and Western art of classical Chinese architecture designers are revealing the grand ideas and careful planning, a must.

The top of the house with a few hundred thousand porcelain veneered porcelain pieces up to 768 meters into a dragon relief, is one of the most prominent deliberately spelled China eye-catching designs, with crystal pasted next to Love China red five-pointed star and other graphics, the other by the crystal and white marble tile decorations everywhere. House hanging on the wall, who is the master craftsmen using ancient and modern porcelain pieces into a collage of celebrity pictures, such as the Tang Dynasty Blades map Song ancient rock chart, Yuan Eagle Pines and so on, each floor has four to five, ranging from Mi to Xu Beihong, from the pound practicing map to the Mona Lisa and so forth. Porcelain house walls called peace wall, flat kid. Bottle from, because it is from the ancient walled vase full 635 of the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China and assembled in series of. Porcelain house features antique shops, you can buy some souvenirs.

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