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Home >> Double Tower Temple tourist guide

Double Tower Temple

Double Tower TempleTaiyuan in Shanxi Hao Village south-eastern suburbs. Formerly Twin Pagoda Temple, because the temple towers tall, vulgar call this name. It look northward, mountain construction, condescending and vision. Here, the trees red walls, Vatican pagoda temple, shrine Pavilion exquisite, stele crowded, flowers Yixiang, pine Verdant, solemn quiet, quaint. Peony very beautiful.

Deng Feng Chi Ming Dynasty Buddhist monk built. One of China's thousands of years of anti-monastic building faces south traditions, because of the terrain and the extension built, condescending, look northward. Indeed hold back Taihang peaks, overlooking fenshui surface area. Immersive, Taiyuan trip with ancient tower, bird's-eye view of the ancient city of Taiyuan be wide of the whole picture, fertile basin of Jinzhong thousand domains. Terauchi existing main building, all brick structure, and what side hall hall shape, with green brick with wood structure building with Yan Zhu, brackets and tile eaves, carving the purification, Wealthy delicate. Hall for two-storeyed pavilion, built brick caisson, refined elegance. Temple pagoda two sides, the name of propaganda. Flat octagonal, thirteen, 54.7 meters high, eaves engrave in brackets, decorated with glass animals on the eaves, brilliant spectacular. The tower has ladder Tap Road, can board on the top floor overlooking Pingchuang Taiyuan vivid scenery. People out of Taiyuan, Double Tower Temple first sight, became a symbol of Taiyuan.

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