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Home >> Pingyao Ancient City tour information

Pingyao Ancient City

Pingyao Ancient CityAncient City of Pingyao in Shanxi Province, Central, 100 km from the provincial capital of Taiyuan. In the precious relics of the ancient city, there is a town built in the North Han day will be seven (963) of the Temple million ; has built in the Northern Qi Dynasty Wuping years (571 years) of the Temple, Shanxi ; has built in Tang Xianqing years (657 years) concept Qingxudong ; there will be built in the North Han day seven (963) of the temple Great Hall ; also has built in Kangxi years (1671) the benefits of economic bridge.

Pingyao ancient pottery said, the manor is Yao. Pingyao ancient city wall of rammed earth was originally built in Western Zhou Dynasty (827 ~ 782 years ago). Hongwu years (1370), but also on the need for military defense, on the basis of the original Old ridge on the expansion of the Western Zhou Dynasty to today's brick walls. Pingyao Ancient City is within the People's Republic of China, Ming and most complete extant city. It is a typical representative of the Chinese Han ethnic Central Plains region of the ancient town. So far, the city walls, streets, houses, shops, temples and other buildings, still largely intact, pattern and style of the original building featured largely intact. City and suburban ancient architecture treasures, mostly well preserved, they belong to an integral part of the existing historical relics of the ancient city of Pingyao, live specimens are the same as the study of Chinese political, economic, cultural, military, architecture, art history and other aspects of development. Pingyao city wall. Hongwu years (1370) built 6.4 km circumference, Shanxi existing early history, one of the largest walled city. Ming and Qing dynasties have Buxiu, but basically the shape and structure of the early Ming Dynasty. City square, the wall is about 12 meters high, all brick exterior walls of the building forts, a moat wall, each four meters deep and wide. City provision doors six weeks, each of two things, one each in the north and south. Fraud and build to something outside the Urn to facilitate defense. Building on the walls of the original ninety Liaodi station, West Tower, gates Uehara build the tower, as well as the four corners of the turret, have been mostly residual bad, only the walls remain the same. City streets, municipal buildings, shops, etc. but also retain the original shape.

December 3, 1997, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee included the ancient city of Pingyao, the World Heritage List. In its report on the ancient city of China Taiyuan Pingyao tour comments : The ancient city of Pingyao is an outstanding example of the city's ethnic Han Chinese Ming and Qing dynasties, Pingyao ancient city holds all of its features, but also in the development of Chinese history as a people demonstrated unusual cultural, social, economic and religious development of the full picture.

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