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Home >> Longshan Grottoes sightseeing guide

Longshan Grottoes

Longshan GrottoesLongshan is Luliangshan offshoot, before even hanging urn Hill, west Tianlong, located more than twenty kilometers southwest of Taiyuan. Longshan peak very top, there are people Songde Fang chaired Yuanchu Avenue reconstruction Haotian concept, concept site on the eastern side, there are caves eight holes remaining Taoism domestic caves.

Longshan Taoist grottoes, mainly dug in yuan Taizong six years (1234), who Songde Fang Avenue, presided create. Song Defang number Piyun son. Laizhou City, Shandong tuck people. Dading two years (- one hundred eighty-two years) born Chuji disciples. Xing is four years, with the division went to Western Naiman (now Inner Mongolia Branch few areas) Meet Yuan Taizu Genghis Khan III contains also Yan, Shi Feng national division, favored disciple, after reminding the sect, and from the most , Binh Duong, between Zhongnanshan, presided over the ritual thing. Yuan Taoist statues before Longshan that has two caves, as Songde Fang tour Xishan when discovery. Song Defang reconstruction Haotian concept and caves dug three holes. Existing fourth, fifth two caves, surface-type clothing lines approach, highly Wind Song, Song seems to be cut first, second, third, sixth, seventh five caves face type radius, clothing Shen thick, are Yuanchu style. Cave eighth the size is very small, topical stone to the body of clay, made ??up for posterity. Wherein the first, second, third cave, actually a cave three, with the sixth, seventh two caves dug under the auspices of the same Songde Fang.

Taiyuan tours to Longshan Grottoes scale is not large, but the carving techniques peculiar face type radius. SHEN clothing lines concise, straightforward style, rich flavor of life. Our Grotto mostly Buddhist themes, this cave is very different, the contents of the Gods Road House and set up the doors fathers, as far as we know, is still at home and isolated cases, also known as Taoism statue masterpiece. 1957 announced the first batch of provincial key cultural relics protection units.

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