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Home >> Zhouzhuang Ancient Town tourist information

Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

Zhouzhuang Ancient TownZhouzhuang is located 38 kilometers southeast of the city of Suzhou, Kunshan City territory, the town built over 900 years of history. Zhouzhuang Town since ancient times as a flood plain, the river north and south city, Hougang river, oil tanker Yang River, the River City to form a well shape, due to River Street, Bangshui building a house, a pack of quaint, quiet and elegant Ming, is a typical southern the bridges, water, people.

Zhouzhuang from the original set of the rapid development of small commercial town, with the southern Shen Manzo wealthy fortune is very relevant. Shen Manzo use white clam river (ie the East River) west of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, northeast Liuhe advantage, sea trade, the Zhouzhuang into a grain, silk and a variety of handicrafts hub and trading center, prompting Zhouzhuang handicraft and commerce the rapid development of the most prominent products are silk, embroidery, bamboo, Jiaolu, liquor and so on.

Zhouzhuang quiet, China Suzhou tour quaint buildings, although after 900 years of vicissitudes, still intact, the original architectural style River town. The town houses are still more than sixty percent of the Ming and Qing building just 0.47 square kilometers of the ancient town has nearly 100 houses and more than 60 classic brick gatehouse, Zhouzhuang houses, antiquity still exist, the most representative when number of Shenyang Office, Zhang hall. Meanwhile, Zhouzhuang also holds 14 distinctive bridges, which together construct a wonderful bridges, water, people, the River landscape.

Zhouzhuang distant history, created a lot of attraction to the ancient town. Famous architects praised Luo Zhewen Zhouzhuang is not only a treasure of Jiangsu Province, and is a national treasure.

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