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Home >> Tongli Old Town, tour guide of Suzhou

Tongli Old Town

Tongli Old TownTongli ancient town full of suzhou in the ancient town of tongli scenic area, located in the suzhou taihu lake on the east of the ancient canal. She was built in the song dynasty, has been one thousand years of history, is worthy of the name of the ancient town. Tongli town is near to Shanghai, zhejiang, etc, is one of the six famous for jiangnan water town, surrounded by five lakes, river by mesh will town is divided into seven island. Town outside scenery, surrounded by water. She is the first in jiangsu province and the only ancient town the whole town as a cultural relics protection units. Is the first batch of historical and cultural town in jiangsu province. The waterfront town and back think prepare garden was listed in the world cultural heritage list. Tongli town in its own water, domestic water river crossing, leisurely green water, water, living water "every family near water, the boat". "Besides Bridges is much, the somebody else all pillow river", LiuQiao water city, the river port into the left's unique landscape, jiangnan is a typical "small bridge, flowing water, somebody else" of more than 1.

Outside the town of tongli scenic, surrounded by water, the town consists of 15 river and divided into 7 small islands, are connected by a 49 bridge. The town house near water, promises boat; Ming and qing dynasties local-style dwelling houses, rows; Bridge preserved dynasties of song, yuan, Ming and qing. It with the pattern of water bridge the somebody else has earned its reputation as the "Oriental Venice". Existing famous scientific park, plow music hall, ring cui village, three Xie Tang, shi royal first, lie YunAn, chenghuang temple, ShangYiTang, jiayin hall, the hall and other garden and ancient buildings.

If Suzhou tour is like the moon, then, tongli is on side of the region of a star. Under the blue sky, summer tongli ancient town, much a few minutes amorous feelings of the exclusive charm, like the engrave has "world history culture famous town" of the archway, the hot sun, vibrant.

Here, after all, is the river-lake-estuary regions such as website, Bridges across all is, almost lost most of the heat. Besides, discount and build scientific park, white wall tiles, a castle in the corridors, winding path leading to a secluded spot, have a plenty of cool, have a plenty of quiet. In nap ") the rain pavilion ", through the beautiful window, view a green wave pool, gaze the water lily pads, relaxed and happy, heat dissipation, also dissipate the hustle and bustle of city life and burnout, dissipate the political ups and downs of hot and cold, sea fight the wind and waves. No wonder former master, clearance anhui pawn garden road Ren Lansheng retired royal, built the garden of the "refund". In fact, is a kind of "doing nothing". Up to now, there's restaurant elegant, hung "JiuLian retreat and detention", is in the "send SiGu hard-currency"?

Changqing, geely, peace for the three qing dynasty ancient bridge, small and exquisite, of primitive simplicity and elegant, the tripartite confrontation over t river. Is said to have "three bridge" is the bridge tongli treasure, in the old days whenever the marriage, in GuLeSheng carried the sedan "three bridge". Notably, jili perched on a sedan, surrounded by a group of bearers, dressed in a red satin embroidered gold. Is clearly a archaize tourism projects. Vault around and look at the old house in qing dynasty the parish and jiayin hall and plow land in the Ming dynasty, and changqing QiaoTu pick the apricot yellow flags tea houses, antique, bring out the best in each other, make the mind into the past and old feelings. Stars twinkle on side. Resting in the east river, sway leisurely, vaguely heard Luo Xingzhou ancient brahman sound over there. Courtyard, lamp shades fell, do dance, occasionally hear left ShaDie, quiet have to let you now evening what evening......

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