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Home >> Shangfang Mountain National Forest Park sightseeing information

Shangfang Mountain National Forest Park

Shangfang Mountain National Forest ParkTop of the mountain is located in Suzhou National Forest Park, the famous national scenic Taihu Lake Stone Lake area, 4 km from the city center to Yue relics and win Jiangnan idyllic natural park. Mountains and rivers, picturesque, historical site over and over, as the Wu Zhongsheng territory is the Taihu Lake scenic area in a bright pearl. Approved by the Ministry of Forestry in 1992 as a national forest park. Park area of 500 hectares, the forest coverage of 95% or more, plant variety, there are 89 families, 300 kinds of tall pines, fruit garden, lush vegetation, lush forests.

Top of the hill in Suzhou National Forest Park by the main attractions, sightseeing orchard and forest recreation areas composed shocked flail tower has attractions within the main area, thanks to the suburban station, the more the public wells, Qianlong Okimichi, Yue ancient city walls, Zhiping Temple, tea mill Island, Shek Wu cottage, Suzhou tours more than twenty peak fire station at both 2500 Wuyuechunqiu relics of history can explore, another ancient emperors literati may find ya thing, there are rare animals and botanical garden tours can be reward. Has been restored ancient buildings within the scenic 1,500 years ago shocked flail Temple, Hoshakuji, Zhiping Temple, formed a whole top of the hill in the next three homes. Ming Dynasty, Bu Shang Shenshihang headstone people, gargoyle, ramps, tricyclic arch door refurbished, open. Forest Park and Shek Wu Brilliance scenery, mountains and rivers, lakes and mountains melt, water style in one, is for people to relax, tour, Cuba Probing, cultivate sentiments, the ideal place to return to nature!

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