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Home >> Old Street sightseeing information

Old Street

Old StreetShanghai Street, formerly known as Fang Bang Road, west of Henan South Road, East Renmin Road, a total length of 825 meters, from west to east, showing the layout of architectural styles and formats of the old Shanghai from the Ming and Qing to the Republic until the influx of Western culture during the period of the evolution of history and culture. Commercial operation of the whole street to the traditional characteristics of the industry mainstream, highlighting the traditional folk culture, and create a culture of Shanghai.

Shanghai Street bounded into the street to the inn two things, eastern furnished and renovated to retain the characteristics of the late Qing early Republic of houses on both sides of the streets to restore the latticed windows, rows of doors, Fan railings, floor rocker doors, decorated with cornices on the roof, dripping lace and wharf wall. Imitation of the western part of the Ming and Qing architectural facades of houses, prominent Shanghai Old City folk customs.

Shanghai tours of Tong Han Chun Street reproduce the old Sheng, Wuliangcai, Wan has full, fur Tianbao, Old Shanghai Teahouse, Deshun tavern, brilliance floor, beauties tofu room, small drapery lady, Rongshun Hall, Bo Yin-Tang, etc. hundred years old, while the creation of Danfeng restaurants, doctors Church and other rich traditions shops. It and the north side of the Star Street together with your old Shanghai Brilliance showing business travel industry, the marketplace attitudes of a painting.

Into Shanghai Street, like going back 100 years ago, Shanghai 's bustling bazaar. This Yuyuan unique style of business tourism in the region, the history of the temple once the name of the street, brought together a group of Shanghai 's first banks, shop, bank buildings, taverns, teahouses, theater, firm, has been connected to sixteen Shop (small East Gate) and Temple, Yuyuan Garden area flow corridor. The unique geographical location and cultural landscape along the street so that it has a rich commercial and cultural heritage.

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